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Each of the links here was tested just after it was posted and it worked fine then. Unfortunately the internet, particularly the world wide web portion, is a very dynamic place. Site owners modify their web sites all the time sometimes adding material, sometimes removing material, and sometimes just reorganizing material with new directories or a new page naming scheme. So links that work one day can lead to nowhere the next. Or links that are one thing one day are morphed to something completely different the next.

If you find a broken link or one that doesn't seem to be what was intended please let me know via one of the methods on the Contact Us $  page. But first try links to pages that are not found at least 2 or 3 times over a 5 or 10 minute period just to be certain the problem isn't a very short term temporary one. It may also be that there is a longer, say several days, short term problem that causes the link to fail but go ahead and report link failures without determining whether that may be the case or not.

Also feel free to suggest links or contribute articles. See the Suggestion Box $  page for more details.


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InventorEd Spend some serious time wandering around, reading, and following links.

Hopefully a bit more soon.

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