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Here lies buried...far more information, or links to information, than you are likely to want to read through. But I can assure you that the more you do read the more likely you will achieve success as an independent inventor. Even independent inventors who have achieved revenues for years rarely become wealthy. Many consider and treat their inventing as a JOB which they work on every day (many still have "day" jobs too). Everyone hopes for the "million dollar" winner, and it does happen, but it is NOT the most common success. More commonly an inventor gets maybe $50,000 to $200,000 from a 3 to 5 year run while a particular invention is a product on store shelves. The few that just keep producing a revenue stream year after year are few--and among toys and games the ones that exceed 2 years are very rare exceptions.

Already I suspect I've told you too much that you didn't want to hear. It only gets worse! But what you fail to realize is that virtually every business person but you, yes, now that you seek to profit from your ideas the law considers you a business person, already knows a whole host of facts and have the presumptive right to believe that you know them too. Start with the "I Agree..." page and you'll be on a lot more even footing with them whether they be a scam artist or serious service provider.

If you know of web pages with solid, informative articles that should be brought to the attention of as many inventors and wannabe inventors as possible please feel free to suggest them.

More later.

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