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Weekly Worthless Patent List

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I would be delighted to Eat_Crow

Dead crow on a plate with a knife and fork.When any of the below inventors can provide convincing evidence that they have a positive cash flow of $20,000 that has NOT been taken from investors or creditors AND where the essence of their invention is not, due to their patent 'protection,' available in competitors products I will happily place an iconic "Eat Crow" symbol by their listed patent and on their patent pages:

Success at inventing is not gotten through having a "great idea" then "protecting" it by getting a patent. Several things should be done first, including: being sure it isn't an old idea, determining if the marketplace wants the invention at a price at which it can be profitably delivered, and checking to see if it works. The following patents generally, in my opinion, fail big-time on at least one of those criteria. If I'm correct, they are probably worthless as issued and forever will be.

These patents have not been singled out based on an extensive review of each week's patents. Quite the contrary. I simply start through the list of patents in the order they are issued, or randomly pick a starting point, and select the first one that appears to solidly fail on at least one of those criteria (and, usually but not always, is also not assigned to a large firm). Generally I expect such a patent to turn up in the first 20 from wherever I start looking each week for the simple reason that studies of patents show that less than 2% of all patents will ever make anyone any money. (More below)

WeekPatent #"Invention"
NEW! 05/17/05 6892912 Roof top carrier with strap attachment loops

NEW! 05/10/05 6889867 Lidded container
NEW! 05/03/05 6886715 Vending system for pet items and method
NEW! 04/26/05 6883678 Food container sealing structure
04/19/05 6880710 Holder for spectacles
04/12/05 6877619 Device for holding toothbrush, toothpaste tube and/or solid soap
04/05/05 6874645 Media disc storage and display device
03/29/05 6871739 Foldable padded case for a personal computer
03/22/05 6868943 Safety systems and methods for bosun's chairs
03/15/05 6866109 Mobility vehicle
03/08/05 6863142 Motorcycle traction accessory device
03/01/05 6860334 Walk-behind tiller Click for web page or site for this invention. Animated gif, dead light bulb arises and illuminates.
02/22/05 6857460 Portable paintball bunker Click for web page or site for this invention. Animated gif, dead light bulb arises and illuminates.
02/15/05 6854470 Cigarette simulator
02/01/05 6848270 Pendant positioner Click for web page or site for this invention. Animated gif, dead light bulb arises and illuminates.
01/25/05 6845769 Foldable conductive oven (III)
01/18/05 6843241 Soft toss pitching machine
01/11/04 6840212 Wing structure of air swirling device for internal combustion engine
01/04/04 6837205 Internal combustion engine
12/28/04 6834608 Assembly of underwater bodies and launcher therefor
12/21/04 6832573 Wheel-mounted tire pressure gauge
12/14/04 6830004 Inflating watercraft flotation device Click for web page or site for this invention. Animated gif, dead light bulb arises and illuminates.
12/07/04 6827028 Collapsible support
11/30/04 6823775 Paper bundling device
11/23/04 6820519 Cork extractor
11/16/04 6817271 Wrench for use with drilling apparatus
11/09/04 6813948 Device for investigating materials
Dead crow on plate with knife and fork 11/02/04 6810638 Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
10/26/04 6807679 Mechanism for securing eye protector to helmet
10/19/04 6804990 Method and apparatus for detecting leaks
10/12/04 6802174 Method of administering first-aid in a vehicle
10/05/04 6799332 Two-piece patient examination garment
09/28/04 6795980 Toilet Bowl Odor Removal System

Pick your own worthless patent at, the USPTO Official Gazette access page.

This site is here not to belittle specific inventors but to help beginning inventors see clearly just how far astray ignorance and blind love for an idea can lead them. Ignorance is something everyone has and it is not a bad thing---it does become bad though when one chooses to remain ignorant in a field where they intend to conduct business (whether through venturing or licensing). Blind love, at least in the inventing game, is a bad thing because it leads to BAD business decisions that can ultimately cost serious money. There are literally thousands of companies that will happily take an inventor's money no matter how bad they recognize the inventor's decisions to be. Back to Top

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