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Provisional Application for Patent

I'll get a Provisional Application for Patent template in .txt, .doc, and .wpd formats linked to this page as quick as I can. What I always advise though is DO NOT purchase software expecting it to "do the work" for you. It won't. It will format the text in a special "patent look alike" way but there is absolutely no requirement for a Provisional Application to be formatted like that. Some software can help you organize your thoughts and that might provide some people some benefit worth the purchase price in that regard. My strong bias is that you'll be a lot better off investing 40 or 80 hours, maybe more, maybe less, downloading from the web site 25 or 50 or 100 recent patents in the field of your invention then read carefully through them both for understanding technically what they say and for understanding how they have been worded to adequately, broadly, and narrowly meet the legal requirements for "enabling one of ordinary skill in the art" to make and/or use the described invention "without undue experimentation." Then write your own thorough and enabling description complete with references to appropriate drawings that explain what your invention is and how it works.

You should also use the Provisional Application for Patent Cover Sheet form at

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