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Application Templates

We're getting to pages as fast as we can. The below text talks as if stuff that is NOT done already is, sorry.

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Linked to this page are several templates for getting started with Provisional Applications for Patent or Patent Applications. You'll quickly discover that they don't do the work for you. But if you buy any of the purported "patent writing" software it won't do the work for you either. At best they output a format acceptable to the PTO and help you organize what YOU write. They don't do the actual writing work though they do have a few boilerplate words they throw in--I've put some boilerplate in the templates. you can find a lot more examples of wording by reading many patents in your invention's field. I strongly recommend you read at least a dozen and 50 or 100 will be far better.

These templates DO NOT constitute legal advice or even guarantee that the USPTO will accept your application's format (but if they don't please let me know so they can be corrected---the USPTO does change it's requirements from time to time).

As soon as I can I'll try to get oath, mailing date certification, form links, and other such necessary application and prosecution material available through this page too.

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